Experiential Facilitator Training & Certification

The Experiential Facilitator Training program is for anyone who wants to learn tools for interactive leadership and transformational facilitation. This style of work focuses on body awareness, trauma resolution, and action processes. Participants are encouraged to have some experience with recovery and trauma release work before starting this program.

Upcoming Dates:
  • August 24, 2024

    October 19, 2024

What Will I Learn in This Training?

  • Specific processes to get your group(s) into action
  • Presence as a leader and facilitator
  • A deeper understanding of the many faces of trauma
  • Effective trauma resolution interventions
  • Understanding and tools to create sacred spaces for healing
  • Mastery of basic sociometric group processes
  • Mastery of the 6 stage “Into Action” model, the Dilemma Process, and the Emotional Integrity process

What Are The Theoretical Models?

  • Dr. J. L. Moreno – Psychodrama (a vast set of sociometric tools for insight and healing)
  • Dr. Carl Jung – Psychodynamics (the power of the shadow and the unconscious)
  • Joseph Campbell – Myth and Ritual
  • Alexander Lowen – Bioenergetics (Releasing stuck emotions)
  • Dr. Ron Hering – Initiation models of trauma resolution
  • Trauma, Codependency, and 12-step recovery community models of healing

Who Is This For?

  • Mental health and addiction professionals (CEU’s available)
  • Therapists and counselors
  • Community-based facilitators
  • Organizational development professionals
  • Anyone who wants to grow in confidence and leadership

The Certification Program

Become a Certified Experiential Facilitator (CEF)

The program consists of 3 weekend modules that move participants from doing their own trauma resolution work, to expertly facilitating others. Certified Experiential Facilitators (CEF) are prepared to use action healing methods at The Deep Waters Experience workshops and in any depth work setting.