The Deep Waters Experience

A Life-Changing Intensive Workshop

Upcoming Dates:
  • June 7-9, 2024

    September 6-8, 2024

    November 8-10, 2024

This dynamic experiential workshop is for anyone on the healing and recovery path. The workshop is a strong opportunity to confront fear, shame, and the negative messages that keep us stuck. Together, through powerful psychodramatic and bioenergetic processes, visualizations, and rituals of transformation we access that true sense of authenticity and creative empowerment. For those struggling with depression, anxiety, codependency, and relationship difficulties, this process will help you access emotional freedom by healing the underlying trauma.

For those in recovery, this experience helps you stay on your program.

The process follows the contour of the “Hero’s Journey” process as described by Joseph Campbell: The Descent, The Ordeal, and The Return. The work is deeply informed by the work of Dr. Carl Jung and the 12 steps of Recovery.

The workshop is life changing. You will be challenged.

All processes are experiential. You will encounter your shadow – the part of us that is hidden, repressed, and denied and have an opportunity to encounter your inner child and deepen your understanding of the way in which trauma affects our lives.

The centerpiece of The Deep Waters Experience is a chance for each participant to “step to the center of the carpet” for psychodrama-based depth work. The final part of the process is a nurturing preparation to bring a more vivid sense of authenticity to your life.

We use a combination of visualizations, gestalt processes, psychodrama, bioenergetic, and mindfulness tools for growth.

Accommodations are comfortable and the processes are mostly indoors.

Participants Talk About The Deep Waters Experience

What People Have To Say About The Deep Waters Experience


Life Changing. Being able to go to the depths with others who are doing the same thing is invaluable.


It doesn’t matter what resistance or what your ego wants, it brings a truth to your door that no other therapy or group setting seems to be able to do.


The Deep Waters Experience was a jolt to the system and immediately helped me identify where I need help.


This has been the most healing experience that I have ever had. I know this work will continue with me. I will be back.


I was able to release the fear and continue on the path to recovery.


Positive life-altering journey of a lifetime!

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We are committed to making this healing opportunity available to all. We are a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation and appreciate your support.